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This is one of the most common claims and causes of action for a lawsuit, which is not surprising given the complexity of business arrangements and that so many contracts are drafted poorly or without the parties fully understanding their consequences.  In Virginia, in order to prove liability for a breach of contract lawsuit the plaintiff must show that the other party, without legal excuse, failed to perform an obligation placed on it by the contract or Virginia Code § 59.1-507.1. "Breach of contract; material breach", in the absence of a written agreement.   In addition, under Virginia contract law, there is an implied standard of good faith and fair dealing that is read into every contract.  In Virginia, this is not a separate cause of action, but could be used to independently show or determine that there was a breach of contract.  Our Virginia contract attorneys have extensive experience litigating breach of contract cases involving loan agreements, patient contracts with doctors' offices, copyright licensing, non-disclosure agreements, and employment contracts. 

For a breach of contract consultation, contact the Virginia contract lawyers at McClanahan Powers by e-mail or phone at 703-520-1326. All calls and e-mails are returned within 24 business hours.

Virginia Contract Lawyers

Our contract lawyers well rounded experience separates them from other breach of contract lawyers.   All of our contact lawyers have experience drafting and revising complex contracts and they understand the fundamental intricacies of how these agreements operate, which gives them a tremendous advantage over attorneys who lack this expertise.  This has allowed our attorneys to make aggressive and technically complex legal arguments to the benefit of our clients.  This is true even in simple contracts, because our contract lawyers know the details of how contract law works and how it is applied by the Courts, which allows them to make compelling arguments that less experienced attorneys could easily miss.  A breach of contract dispute can be incredibly disruptive to a business, a family, or an individual.  We strongly encourage you to find a breach of contract attorney who has the expertise to protect and enforce your rights.

Breach of Contract Consultation

To arrange a breach of contract litigation consultation, please call the Virginia contract lawyers of McClanahan Powers at 703-520-1326. Or, to send an e-mail, please complete and submit the online form on this website. Flexible appointment times and payment options are available.