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Many legal disputes arise out of and are resolved by contracts. A contract in its most primitive form is simply a legally enforceable agreement. In the area of law, for a contract to be legally enforceable, several requirements must be met including an offer; acceptance of that offer; mutual understanding of the agreement; capacity to enter into the agreement; an item or service; consideration in exchange for the item or service; and legality of the contract itself, including its terms, provisions, and type of consideration, item and service being exchanged.

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Virginia Blue Pencil Rule

It is extremely important to consult a skilled contract attorney when drafting, reviewing, or negotiating a contract as not all agreements are legally enforceable. This is especially important in Virginia as case law has shown that Virginia Courts refuse to “blue pencil” contracts. The “Blue Pencil Rule” permits a court to modify an otherwise unenforceable provision in a contract, usually a restrictive covenant, to make it reasonable.

Many contracts contain a severing provision in its miscellaneous or general terms section. Blue penciling is different from a severing provision in a contract. Severing allows the complete removal of an unenforceable provision from a contract which is otherwise legally enforceable, while blue penciling provides the court the power to rewrite invalid language in a contract to make it enforceable. However, as Virginia does not permit blue penciling, drafters cannot rely on the courts to correct errors or oversights made while drafting an agreement to make their unenforceable language enforceable.

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