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Contracts are common place in our daily lives.  Contracts can be as simple as an exchange of two promises.   The promise can be very simple, such as mowing the lawn, or even to sell a lawnmower.  In order for there to be a contract there has to be consideration.  Consideration is a formal way of saying "something with value or perceived value."  The consideration can be the promise to perform a service or provide a good.  In fact, some contracts are an exchange of promises.  Contracts are extremely flexible and can be made complex or extremely simple.    As a result of this very broad understanding, contracts can be found in a great many different things.

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Contract Law in Virginia

In Virginia, as in most states, contracts can also come in many different forms.  For example, you can have a valid and enforceable oral contract or written contract.   To give contracts even more flexibility, Virginia contracts can be express, such as a detailed written agreement, or implied, where the customary practices, relationship of the parties, and the actions of the parties are evidence of an implied contract between them.

It is important to keep in mind that although contracts can come in various shapes and sizes, the form of the agreement can impact the rights of the parties.  For example, because of a doctrine known as the statute of frauds, as well as some other Virginia statutes, many Virginia contracts must be in writing to be valid and enforceable.  As a result, it is always important to work with a skilled and experienced contract lawyer who can help navigate you or your business through the complexities of contract law.

Virginia Contract Consultation

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