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A trademark represents a serious investment of time, effort and money. Not only do you need to create a trademark that is unique and interesting, you also need to develop a trademark that suits your vision and clearly expresses that vision to your customers. Even at the first stages of developing a trademark, a trademark attorney can help you protect your investment and assist you in making informed business decisions.

The attorneys at McClanahan Powers, PLLC, provide comprehensive trademark services to clients throughout the Virginia and Washington, D.C. areas. For a free initial consultation, contact McClanahan Powers by e-mail or toll free at 703-520-1326. All calls and e-mails are returned within 24 business hours.

Fairfax County Trademark Searches

When developing your trademark and choosing a name, it is essential to perform a search of the existing trademarks. This can help you prevent confusion for your customers, create a unique name for your business and allow you to register your trademark.

The firm provides two levels of service for trademark searches:
  • Basic search for $165.00: This includes a basic search of the name you are considering in order to determine if it is available using the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database.
  • Comprehensive search for $365.00: In a comprehensive search, we search for the name you have chosen using the USPTO database as well as other key trademark and business databases.

Registering and Filing Your Trademark

Attorneys at the firm can also assist with registration and filing of trademark applications. This includes:
  • Basic registration for $145.00: McClanahan Powers will assist with the completion of that application, filing of the application and monitoring any responses from the USPTO.
  • Full registration for $445.00: Even after careful research and preparation, many trademark applications are subject to action by the USPTO and may be denied. McClanahan Powers offers a full registration package that includes drafting the application, filing of the application, and responding to any non-substantive office actions from the USPTO.

Other Trademark Services

In addition to handling searches and filing of trademarks, attorneys at the firm assist clients with:
  • Trademark monitoring: Your trademark is vital to your business and it is important that you monitor your trademark within the market to ensure that your competitors are not infringing on your rights.
  • Ongoing trademark maintenance: Every five to six years, you are required to renew your trademark with the USPTO. This is known as a Section 8 Declaration and it is necessary to avoid abandoning your trademark.
  • Trademark compliance and use issues: Not only do you need to protect your trademark from competitors, you also need to ensure that you are using your trademark effectively and that any licensees or franchises use your trademark correctly.
  • Trademark litigation and enforcement: When your rights are being infringed, you need to act quickly to protect those rights. Attorneys at the firm can assist with cease and desist notices and vigorously defend your interests through trademark litigation.
  • Trademark oppositions: When you register for a trademark, there is a 30-day period for others to oppose your registration. McClanahan Powers can help you respond to oppositions and work to keep you registration moving forward.

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