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For new clients, a legal assistant or other staff member in our firm will intake your case information. If additional information is required to determine if we can assist you with your case, we may offer a free consultation by an attorney to gather more information. A free consultation typically does not include legal advice, is offered only in our sole and absolute discretion, and does not mean that you have retained our firm as legal counsel. Only a written document provided to you by our firm describing our representation and executed by a managing attorney at our firm will establish an agreement by our firm to provide you legal services.

Revisions by D.C. and Virginia Lawyers to a Client's Business Contracts

It is always preferable to be the drafting party to a contract or agreement. Our firm routinely drafts its own contracts, but many clients have preexisting contracts that they would like to have revised. Bearing that in mind, however, oftentimes it is more affordable for a client to simply draft a new contract using our general structure, than it is to fix a very poorly organized and drafted contract. This is not always the situation, and in many cases we need only update the language of a contract to reflect new developments or changes in a business or present law. In some cases, after we have read and analyzed the contract or agreement, we may feel that it is sufficient as written for its intended purpose. This conclusion often reduces our client's fees and costs associated with representation.

Reviewing and Revising Legal Documents Supplied By the Opposing Party

Our firm and its contract attorneys frequently review and edit contracts supplied by outside parties to our clients. We work with our clients so that they understand the agreements or legal documents they are being asked to sign. We edit the legal language to accurately reflect the understandings of the parties and to protect our client's interests. In many cases, this legal service requires some level of negotiation between the parties; therefore, it is important to have an attorney who is not only a skilled contract drafter, but also who has experience in negotiation and litigation. Our contract attorneys are experienced at all levels of the contracts process, from drafting and writing contracts, agreements, and licenses to negotiating business deals and terms to enforcing and defending contracts through litigation.

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