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Advanced Business Negotiators for Large Businesses in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.

A skilled negotiator can make a tremendous difference in the results and outcome of a business deal. Negotiation is an art. It involves complex understandings of the interests of multiple parties, the law, the applicable industry, and the surrounding circumstances.. The business attorneys at McClanahan Powers use their experience and expertise in negotiation to drive positive results for their business clients. With skillsets in both litigation and transactional law, our attorneys bring a total package to a negotiation. Even in circumstances where the parties wish to "work the deal out themselves without an attorney," we often spend time preparing our clients through mock negotiations and exercises to maximize their effectiveness and produce positive results.

Small Businesses: Find a Business Lawyer Who Will Fight Back

We provide smaller businesses an opportunity to obtain an attorney with the know-how and expertise of big business. Aggressive and persuasive, our attorneys have evened the playing field in representing our smaller business clients in negotiations with large corporations. We empower our clients to push back against larger organizations and take control of the business environment. Our business attorneys our tough and will take on anyone who will step in the room against them.

Negotiation: Preparation, Preparation, and More Preparation

Negotiation, like litigation, favors the most prepared party. The most thorough and prepared negotiator is often the stronger negotiator. Skillful articulation, witty retorts, and charisma will tip the scales in your favor. Preparation, however, will win the day. Understand the other party and what they want. It is important to know what they will bend on and what will break them. Focus more on the interests at hand opposed to each party's position. Be prepared with various alternative theories and contingency plans. If you have a solution for their concerns, then those concerns won't become problems for you. The business negotiation attorneys at McClanahan Powers dedicate themselves to negotiation the same way they do for litigation, bringing sophisticated and professional organization and diligence to their client's preparation.

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