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When it comes to employment and labor disputes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Every time a business hires an employee, promotes an employee, or fires an employee, there is a risk that an employment or labor dispute could occur.  Hiring a new employee and promotions are often heavily monitored by other employees.   This can lead to these other employees feeling disappointed that they did not get the position and lead them to start wondering if they were held back intentionally, and if so, why?  This creates fertile ground for grievances and disputes with and amongst your employees.  Exacerbating this problem is a firing of an employee or other employee termination situation.  At least in these situations the employer is usually on alert that this could lead to grievance disputes and problems caused by the employee after they are terminated.

For a free labor and employment consultation, contact the Fairfax labor lawyers at McClanahan Powers by e-mail or phone at 703-520-1326. All calls and e-mails are returned within 24 business hours.

Proactive versus Reactive Employment Practices

Our lawyers spend the time working with a company's human resources director and/or general counsel to be certain that the company is taking the necessary precautions and utilizing appropriate safeguards.  Our methodology is to try and stop the problem before it begins; however, on the job and in the real world your business team has to make decisions in the moment and these can lead to unanticipated problems.  If the damage is already done, our attorneys will work with you and your team to assess liability, mitigate damages, protect your rights through litigation if necessary, and work with your team to create a strategy to minimize problems for the future.

Labor and Employment Consultation

To arrange a labor and employment consultation, please call the Northern Virginia employment attorneys of McClanahan Powers at 703-520-1326. Or, to send an e-mail, please complete and submit the online form on this website. Flexible appointment times and payment options are available.