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For new clients, a legal assistant or other staff member in our firm will intake your case information. If additional information is required to determine if we can assist you with your case, we may offer a free consultation by an attorney to gather more information. A free consultation typically does not include legal advice, is offered only in our sole and absolute discretion, and does not mean that you have retained our firm as legal counsel. Only a written document provided to you by our firm describing our representation and executed by a managing attorney at our firm will establish an agreement by our firm to provide you legal services.
Our attorneys are experienced working with employers and employees handling discrimination cases, labor grievances, retaliations, whistleblower, breach of duty of loyalty and non-compete / non-competition agreements, misappropriation of trade secrets, and department of labor investigations.  All of these issues can cause hardship to a business and can be extremely stressful to the employer and employee.  We work with our clients to provide them with the knowledge and expertise to handle these situations quickly and favorably.  When money and people's jobs are on the line, the stakes are very high for both parties and it is essential to have an experienced and skillful employment lawyer working with you.  We utilize cutting edge strategies and case law theory to put our clients in the best position for them to succeed.

To see if you qualify for a free initial consultation, contact the Fairfax, Virginia employment lawyers at McClanahan Powers by e-mail or phone at 703-520-1326. All calls and e-mails are returned within 24 business hours.

Federal, State, and Local Employment Law

Labor and employment law is heavily regulated.  There are numerous and overlapping Federal, State, and Local laws that apply.  In addition, there are some unique differences that can impact the strategies that our clients may utilize.  For example, a federal Title VII discrimination claim requires the employer to have a minimum of 15 employees for an employee to maintain an action against the employer.  However, Virginia state statutes require there to only be 6 employees.  This can sometimes lead to employers who think that they are not exposed to the federal statutes to behave poorly; unknowingly, exposing themselves to state statutes.  Similarly, some local county laws further reduce the requirements.  It is worth noting that the differences between the federal, state, and local employment discrimination laws can be significant, including the damages available and statutory filing deadlines.  We encourage all clients to speak with a knowledgeable and skilled Virginia employment lawyer who understands the options available at the federal, state, and local level to best protect and enforce their clients legal rights.

Labor and Employment Consultation

To arrange a labor and employment consultation, please call the Virginia employment attorneys of McClanahan Powers at 703-520-1326. Or, to send an e-mail, please complete and submit the online form on this website. Flexible appointment times and payment options are available.